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General Practitioners are independent contractors to the NHS and work under legal agreements that determine the services that must be delivered to patients under their care and how. These contracts which are often referred to as the core contract are held between NHS England (the purchaser or commissioner of the service) and the primary care contractors or provider of the service.  Currently, the contracting mechanisms for the core contracts are the GMS, PMS and APMS contracts.

GMS Contract and amendments

General Medical Services Contracts

GMS Contract amendments (2015-16)

GMS Contract summary (2015-16)

GMS Contract amendments (2013-14)

The GMS Contract 2004 (ORIGINAL)

Quality and Outcomes Framework

QoF Guidance (2015-16)

QoF Guidance (2014-15)

QoF (2013-14)

APMS Directions

Alternative Provider Medical Services Contracts

APMS Directions (2015-16)

APMS Directions (2014-15)

APMS Directions (2013-14)

Statement of Financial Entitlements

The statement of financial entitlement, or SFE document outlines all of the finances that practices are entitled to under a GMS contract.

2015-2016 Contract Funding Summary

SFE (2015-16)

SFE (2014-15)

SFE (2013-14)

Premises Directions

The Premises Directions (2013) outline the regulations which govern reimbursements for GP premises.

Premises Directions (2013-14)

Directed Enhanced Service Directions

DES (2016-17)

DES (2015-16)

DES (2014-15)

DES (2013-14)

QoF Shared Care Enhanced Services Vaccinations and Immunisations