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Useful Forms

Template Letters

Template letter - response to police request for medical records

Template letter - response to request to add a “flag” to a patient record

Template letter - Gender Dysphoria - response to request to prescribe hormones

Template letter - Bariatric Surgery - response to request for ongoing monitoring

Template letter - Neurology Headache - referral rejection response

Template letter - Missed School due to GP appointment

Template letter - firearms

Template letter - request for OTC medication by nursery / school

Template letter - Delayed clinic summary

Template letter - Delayed discharge letter

Template letter - Follow up of investigations

Template letter - For onward referral

Template letter - Missed appointments

Template letter - Provision of medication following discharge

Template letter - Failure to provide first script following outpatient appointment

Template letter - Inappropriate request to treat pre-operative MRSA carriers

Template letter - To CCG to inform of contract breach

NHS Standard contract 2016 - 2017 template letters pack

Template Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

(With thanks to Alison Maw from The Kingthorne Group Practice)

Referral Forms

Access to a veterans military medical record request form

Wheelchair referral form

Instruction to Administer Form - Non syringe driver

Instruction to Administer Form - Syringe driver

Palliative Care - OOH Notification Form

Mental Health Services for Older People Referral Form

Mental Health Services for Older People Referral Form - Patients Residing in Care Homes

Mental Health - Single point of Access Referral Form

Heart Failure Nurse Referral Form

24 Hour ECG Request Form

Arrhythymia Service Referral Form

Early Inflammatory Arthritis Referral Form

Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Referral Form

Carbohydrate Counting and Insulin Use Educate Group Referral Form

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnostic Questionnaire

Community Matron Referral Form

Community Paediatrics Referral Form

Continence Advisory Service Referral Form

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Referral Form

Distric Nurse Referral Form

DOTTIE Referral Form

2017 - 2018

Seasonal Influenza Posters

Flu Posters.pptx

A Beginners Guide to GP Networks

The Future of The GP Independent Contracter